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Video – This Woman’s Work – Director’s Cut

A video I made for THIS WOMANS WORK of the 2011 Kate Bush album “Director’s Cut. The FishPeople guide a to be born baby to birth. Through the ocean. The long journey.

This Woman’s Work

A song originally written and first featured in the movie “She’s Having A Baby”. It’s first release was on the The Sensual World Album and later re-recorded by Kate Bush herself on Director’s Cut (2011).

The song has been covered by Maxwell and may well be the song she is most famous for in the US.

The Video

The video was made in Adobe Creative Suite CS5. The fish is taken from the logo of Kate’s company FishPeople.

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  • Andy Beveridge

    Always loved the song. Cool video.

    • yirryyanya

      Hi. Thanks Andy. I think This Woman’s Work was the first thing I bought from Kate. I love the Director’s Cut version even more… and the Fishes started to swim.

  • Lee Groundwater

    I love this song, its so powerful like all her others. We use to play Kate bush songs while my friends and i were meant to be doing advanced higher chemistry and biology so the teachers weren’t too happy but we love it. We also decorated the lab we were working in at the time with pictures of her!

    • yirryyanya

      Ah I see… you wanted Alchemy! =^.^=

  • Darrenlomas65

    Beautiful. I love your creativity. And I have been a huge Kate Bush fan since her first album in 1977. I have never enjoyed music from any other artist in the same way as Kate’s music. The soundtrack to the last 35 years of my life.

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