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This article was written on 04 Apr 2012, and is filled under Thoughts.

The New Renaissance (Wo)Man – 2020

Renaissance Woman 2020


One thing is too little for your ability.
One thing is theft.

There are so many leaves on your tree.
All rooted in your being.
And in the breeze set free.

If life is a path, it knows many ways.
If life is a book, then is hold many stories.
If life is a job, then it is your hobby.

The time of one appointed vocation is ending.
Time and mind to create your own.
Take what you now think you have and can and are allowed.
Break it down to its core parts.
Shine a light anew on them.
Puzzle, lay aside, remove, add.
Spit sing laugh cry.
And create your new path and dreams.
Envision the options, the meandering of the ways.
Dream up the possibilities.
And forget about some of them.

Take the charcoal and turn it to diamond.
Make it your own.

Add it to your tree of leaves.

Yirry Yanya
The Story Teller 1618


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