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VIDEO – Lily – Director’s Cut

A video for the amazing Lily of the Kate Bush album Director’s Cut.



The path we all must travel. The heroes journey of a thousand faces all rolled into one life: your life. Face your deamons, face yourself. The figurine works her way through her past to the present, to a fork in time either to go to 50 WORDS FOR SNOW or DIRECTORS CUT. In this story she pursues Director’s Cut (… though of course Kate did both albums parallel.) In the middle she is crowned for her work and progress, in the end she is her own sun and queen.

The Gayatri 
O Thou Who givest sustenance to the universe,
From Whom all things proceed,
To Whom all things return,
Unveil to us the face of the true Spiritual Sun
Hidden by a disc of golden Light
That we may know the Truth And do our whole duty
As we journey to Thy sacred feet.

The Gayatri is one of the oldest mantric prayers humanity has ever had. When even partially understood its potency is very great. The Gayatri places our destiny as part of a cosmic Plan, the majesty of which we cannot comprehend. It is a declaration of ultimate victory to be achieved by knowing the truth and doing our whole duty, and this we do as we journey to God’s sacred feet. In the Gayatri we pray to the creator of the entire universe and so establish the beginnings of a conscious relationship, transcending all limitations of “the one supreme God”. Its use builds into our deepest consciousness the reality that man is God-created and not the mere result of a biological urge.

Director’s Cut — may 2011.
50 Words For Snow — nov 2011.
A brand new album of 7 songs to the back drop of falling snow. Winter is coming. The album features Elton John and Stephen Fry. Tracklist: snowflake, lake tahoe, misty, wild man, snowed in at wheeler street, 50 words for snow, among angels.
The first official single is to be Wild Man. The first and only single from Director’s Cut was Deeper Understanding, though Lily and This Woman’s Work could easily have been second and third singles.
Kate is a major influence to a wide variety of artists like: big boi, anthony and the johnsons, tori amos, patti smith, bat for lashes, Florence and the machine, marina and the diamonds, paula cole, alanis morissette, bjork, tricky, coldplay, muse, radiohead, sarah maclaghlan, and many more.

1) there is a track on 50 words for snow where kate does not sing, but all the vocals are done by a guest vocalist.
2) kate is making a set of 5 albums. Aerial is the over arching theme: the four seasons. Director’s Cut is Autumn. 50 Words for Snow is Winter. KB 11 is Spring and KB 12 is Summer.
3) kate bush has been asked to perform at the 2012 olymics in London.
4) kate bush will be making a film or long video or movie for the brand new album 50 Words For Snow and or for Wild Man itself: the first official single of the album 2011
5) 50 Words For Snow will produce three singles. The next one is going to be released around christmas. Wild Man is the first. Snowflake is the second single.

You must sing back the symbols. Platonic solids, tree of life, seed of life, flower of life, h20, wicca, alchemy, alchemical process, gray, black, white, peacocks tail, yellow, red, philosopher’s stone, Fibonacci, om mani padme hum, goddess, music, the tower, orgone energy, the sun, 12 planets, a red queen, a red hatted lady, lily of the valley.
A concept of “lily” in many ways appears in: moving (the kick inside), song of Solomon (the red shoes & director’s cut) and Lily (the red shoes & director’s cut). boaz and joachim.
Kate Bush is best known for: wuthering heights, running up that hill, this woman’s work, babooshka, the man with the child in his eyes, the sensual world, king of the mountain, hounds of love, cloudbusting, moments of pleasure, rocket man, don’t give up, deeper understanding.
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  • Rebecca Hallifax

    One of my favuorite KB songs! This video is great, love how cosmic and dreamlike it is #Laketahoe

    • yirryyanya

      Hi Rebecca Hallifax. Thanx ;-) . I just love DC, perhaps even more than the orignal versions.

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