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Exodus :: the Transition to a new Society

The Watchtress’s have been here since the beginning.

Combined their eyes have witnessed the Earth’s history. . . some say they can see the storylines from the Now meandering into the Then. Some say they can shape it.

Society is what We make it.



ReThink that what Is.

[1] Every Thing (should be?) About Money.

Access to healthcare, education, sitting on a bench in a park. When a mother wants to bake a Muppet cake for her son’s birthday, is that copyright infringement?

The core of being human is to share experiences, knowledge, thoughts, dreams, culture. When everything is locked up behind money-made bars, we effectively end progress, innovation and the core elements of being Human.

[2] Multinationals.

Rethink the logic as we now see the downside. Really big multinationals are “state less”, beyond nation states. Bigger than nations. Owning nations. How does that relate to the core principles of democracy?

[3] Politics as a in between job.

What does a person do when a new job is needed after the political career… and preferably one that pays well. Should politics be like a monk’s vocation? A separation from the world of business as to keep interests apart?

[4] Privatization is always the best way to go.

Really? Should the market place not be One of the systems in a society, next to schooling, health care, sports, culture, utilities and so on. And it should not be the overarching system that governs all.

It is essential to challenge traditions and fixed thoughts. For if we cannot, do not or may not, then freedom is lost.

What are your thoughts on things that need to be re-thought?

Share. Dream. Think. Be.


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  • Rein

    it is not a copyright infrignment when a mother bakes a muppet-cake for her son, it is whem mama starts selling these cakes in larger numbers.

  • Me

    Yirry Yanya,

    Just found your page……….It appears to me that your Spirit & mind & heart are all working together in the right balance…… happy to see it

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