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CLOSED :: Free LAKE TAHOE picture disc


Because I believe in the creative powers of everyone


The contest is over and won.

The entries

The announcement of the winners

Winner :: Luke McQuillan

Winner :: MrMarrs



———- the original contest ——————————————————————————————————————


I am a Kate Bush fan, and I asked a couple of friends of mine to help me get the beautiful LAKE TAHOE picture disk on Record Store Day. And now I have one to spare.

This should be in the hands of someone who will love and cherish it as much as I do. A true and real fan.


CONTEST :: starts – May 11th 2012 – ends  -  May 26th 2012 at 12:00 CET

One fan can win the lake tahoe picture disk. It will be packed, wrapped and send to the winner for free. And I want to make sure it is a fan.

In the period from [11 may 2012 - 26 may 2012] you can leave your…

  • comment: one or many on my videos and posts
  • artwork or video: if you feel extra creative

On as many of the posts on my channels:

[1] This website:

[2] YouTube:

[3] FaceBook:

[4] Twitter:!/yirryyanya


Make sure to always add #LakeTahoe so I know that you want to enter into the contest.



You can participate if…

  • You are not Kate Bush ;-)
  • You are not associated with any kind of official or non-official Kate Bush fan club (I think they have a wealth of Kate Bush items already, so here’s one for the less fortunate fans)
  • You are a fan.



During the period I will see which comment / artwork / video captures my attention most. It does not have to be “lake tahoe” related. It sure helps if it is Kate Bush related: then I know you are a fan.

I will PM the winner through FaceBook and you can then send me your address: so add me if you are not yet connected.


Q and A

Q: “Can I do multiple comments, videos and / or arwork”

A: Yes. That will probably increase your changes.


Q: “Can I start before May 11th?”

A: No. I want to give fans the time to learn about this contest and to come up with something.


Q: “Does it matter that I live on the other side of the planet?”

A: No. As long as you live on Earth, you can enter.


Q: “Can I comment on this post alone?”

A: No. You can comment on any post or video you like. But make sure to add the #LakeTahoe tag in your comments.


Q: “My youtube and twitter name differ from my FaceBook profile…”

A: Good one! Add your FaceBook name/profile when you comment on my YouTube channel or this website.


I hope…

I hope I came up with a fair way to get this picture disk to the right fan. I thought long and hard on how to do this, and this is the best that I could think of. Please be kind to my mistakes.



Yirry Yanya

The Story Teller 1618

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  • Mikey Varellas

    What a beautiful gesture, how sweet of you xx

  • yirryyanya

    Thanks Mikey. The world is what we make it to be. I hope the Lake Tahoe picture disk will make some somewhere very happy

  • Bearshaped

    What a lovely idea… in such sharp contrast to the vile racketeering  we’ve seen since record store day. Good luck everyone. :-)

    • yirryyanya

      Thanks Bearshaped. I just feel like spreading the luck that I had in finding the wonderful and beautiful Lake Tahoe picture disc. Love Yirry Yanya / The Story Teller 1618

  • Aquafishy

    Brilliant :) I have one already, so I won’t participate, but I will share this on my wall for others to know about :)

    • yirryyanya

      Thanx for the sharing. Love Yirry.

  • Lance

    Hello, this is
    wonderful! I tried to get one on Record Store Day, but my local store didn’t
    have any. Are we still eligible if we are a member of The
    Homeground/KateBushNews forum and I’ve sort of accidentally started my artwork,
    does it have to actually be created in that time or just submitted?

    • yirryyanya

      Hi. Of course you are eligible as a forum member. A buckload of comments on my youtube vids, or artork (made when ever) are all fine =^.^=. Just spam me :D Yirry Yanya / The StoryTeller 1618

  • Relims

    Hey Yirry, how lovely! Are we able to reach you by e-mail?

    • yirryyanya

      Hi Relims.. Thank you!

      I was just enourmously lucky. So I am giving a Lake Tahoe picture disc away.
      If you want to enter into this “contest”, just post as described here on one of my channels… Or better yet: spam me silly on all four ;-)

      [1] This website:

      [2] YouTube:

      [3] FaceBook:

      [4] Twitter:!/yirryyanya

  • Alex Kemsley

    Here’s another entry for the contest :) #LakeTahoe
    My Twitter is @alex_kemsley:disqus 
    Thank you for holding this contest!

    • yirryyanya

      Thanx Alex! :D Love your gusto & artwork

  • Luke McQuillan

     Thank you again so much for this. Here’s another entry from me! #LakeTahoe. As an American fan who only truly had a shot at one out of 200 (and lost!), this means so much. I am preparing something else for this contest as well! :)

    • yirryyanya

      Hi Luke :D Thanx thanx you piano & song master! Love your work. <3 YY

  • Rebecca Hallifax

    This is a really lovely thing you’re doing #Laketahoe

  • David B.

    I have been a lifelong Fan and I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful music and inspiring videos, You are truly unique in a world of manufactured music.
    I hope you keep up the good work I miss you in your long periods of absences.

  • Darrenlomas65

    Do you know what… I loved you better now….. For doing this . #laketahoe.

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