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Because I believe in the creative powers in everyone.

Yirry Yanya
The StoryTeller 1618


thoughts and wonders

Exodus :: the Transition to a new Society

The Watchtress’s have been here since the beginning. Combined their eyes have witnessed the Earth’s history. . . some say they can see the storylines from the Now meandering into the Then. Some say they […]

Jul, 13

Create Your Own – Because If You Don’t, Who Will?

Create Your Own Because, if you will not create your own who will do it for you?     Times Change The time has come for the people who can create to move forward. Old […]

Jun, 30

The New Renaissance (Wo)Man – 2020

  One thing is too little for your ability. One thing is theft. There are so many leaves on your tree. All rooted in your being. And in the breeze set free. If life is […]

Apr, 04

10 Thoughts for a New Day

Times are changing. Society is too. And here are some thoughts for a new age. Because I feel that a new elan is needed. Because I feel the hart and soul must be refound. Because […]

Feb, 29


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