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Because I believe in the creative powers in everyone.

Yirry Yanya
The StoryTeller 1618


paintings and illustrations

Rare picture: Kate Bush & The Crocodile

A long long time ago Claude Vanheye met up with Kate Bush to do a photo shoot. Dressed up in a Fong Leng dress. Up on a dolphin in red. And now – august 31st […]

Sep, 08

Exodus :: the Transition to a new Society

The Watchtress’s have been here since the beginning. Combined their eyes have witnessed the Earth’s history. . . some say they can see the storylines from the Now meandering into the Then. Some say they […]

Jul, 13

Create Your Own – Because If You Don’t, Who Will?

Create Your Own Because, if you will not create your own who will do it for you?     Times Change The time has come for the people who can create to move forward. Old […]

Jun, 30

CLOSED :: Free LAKE TAHOE picture disc

————————————————————————————————————————————————— Because I believe in the creative powers of everyone   The contest is over and won. The entries The announcement of the winners Winner :: Luke McQuillan Winner :: MrMarrs     ———- the […]

Apr, 23

On A Spring Morning . . .

The Sun Beckons the Soil Answers. The Watchtress calls upon the Day and the Sun to commence. That what has been – is renewing. That what never was – is being born. That what should […]

Mar, 30


Aquarius – Night Watch “…The dawn has come And the wine will run And the song must be sung And the flowers are melting In the sun…” Aerial – Kate Bush – – – – […]

Mar, 02

The Watchtress – Exodus

The Watchtresses have been there from the beginning. Combined their eyes have witnessed Earth’s history. Some say they can see the many paths fan out from the Now into the Future. Some say they can […]

Mar, 02


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