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10 Thoughts for a New Day

Times are changing. Society is too. And here are some thoughts for a new age. Because I feel that a new elan is needed. Because I feel the hart and soul must be refound. Because I feel that All must and can be recreated. These are just the first of thoughts for a new Renaissance: because we are now on the brink between the 2nd dark ages unto the new era.

Ten Thoughts for a new day

Ten Thoughts for a new day


1. Buy from local & smaller stores

  • Support the local shops

2. Grow your own food once and a while

  • It is so much healthier

3. Take a day off

  • And why not

4. Watch the “other” side of the same story

  • Mirror news by BBC, Fox and CNN with RT – Russia Today, NoAgenda, Infowars

5. Dream

  • During the day

6. Think

  • There are more sides to it

7. Don’t Watch the News

  • Isn’t it PR and propaganda anyway? Meant to push the agenda.

8. You are a Renaissance Man

  • You can do much more than the one thing you are allowed to do

9. Evolve

  • Learning is fun

10. Create Your Own

  • Because I believe in the creative powers in everyone



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  • lily pond

    i love this Yirry, i’ve just started to make and crate my own range of soaps, deodorants, body scrubs and i am working moisturisers, cleansers and toners…. i make incense (the granular variety which you sprinkle on to hot charcoal or coal) and i blend aromatherapy massage oils. home grown salads and herbs are really easy to grow and can grown all year round, inside and outside and so much fresher and cheaper than buying them. i hate the news, mostly depressing and i day dream at least 20 times a day xx i love your philosophy…. why on earth are you not our prime minister?

  • admin

    Ow that is just great. You are already making it yourself. It feels like the tide is turning. A new time has to start. A redefinition of society and how-things-work.

  • Rob McKay

    And we make the definitions, though most don’t realize that we inherit the World we make (and envision). Good advice for paving the way for the next Root Race ;-)

    If we say it we could even make it happen ;-)

    • admin

      I just know that something good is going to happen.
      Around the end of 2012.
      Just saying it could even make it happen.

      The Day and Age are what We make of it.
      Like Patti Smith says: People Have The Power.

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